Design of logo and adaptation to product range, product pamphlet design, model-making and production of informative catalogues of the products Unyclad Dm and Unyclad SM, both pertaining ones to the signature of civil engineering Gramco.

Design Unyclad pamphlet
Cover pamphlet Unyclad SM
Cover pamphlet Unyclad DM
  • Client: Gramco.
  • Project: Design of Unyclad logo and adaptation for its two products Unyclad DM and Uniclad DM.
    Design, model-making, photographic adjustment and production of pamphlets of both products.
  • Elements: Logo, publishing design, photographic adjustment.
  • Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


To work for Gramco always has been a pleasure.
It enchants to us to work with architects and engineers. We identified ourselves totally with the visual code that needs and enjoyed creating solutions for each profile client and product within this ample sector.

When they created his two systems of coating of facade Unyclad DM and Unyclad SM solicitd to us to create a simple and adaptable brand. We create a logo without imagotipo, centered in the typography and exempt of any superfluous ornament. In addition, to create the product symbol we created a color code differentiated for DM and SM.
This would be seen later reflected in all the supports of communication: catalogues, Web, carteler­a€¦

The pamphlet design is equal of pure in its conception. We play very with colors desaturados, minimalist photographic adjustments and the counterpoint of the intensity of the green one and the orange of the product code.

In the impression we used special varnishes that emphasize especially the dense black mate resisted with an intense brightness in the images nails.

This project comprises of the global work of branding realised for the company, from the new design of logo with all the corporative applications, to announcements for specialized press and its webpage.

Our experience in the sector of engineering, project management, the architecture and the construction is extensive. We have worked for great international corporations, as Bovis Lend Is read in very diverse publishing projects and of corporative image, as in the company memory that we designed on the occasion of his 30 anniversary of activity in Spain. Also we have designed pamphlets for real estate promotions and webpages for sale of houses.


Unyclad pamphlet sm ext
Pamphlet Unyclad DM ext

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