Gramco | Branding, Publicity in press, Power Point Presentation.

Branding and Corporative Imagen

Branding, design of logo and development of the corporative identity. Commercial, se±al©tica stationery store for its offices, posters, canvases standing up of work, articles of work. Presentation of company in Power Point and design of announcements for specialized magazines.

Gramco label on wall
Manual of corporative identity Gramco
Manual of corporative identity Gramco
Gramco t-shirts
Gramco poster
Announcement bridge for Gramco press
Publicity projects of Gramco for press
  • Client: Gramco.
  • Project: Design of logo, development of the manual of corporative identity, applications for all the supports, design of presentation of company in Power Point, design of publicity for specialized magazines.
  • Elements: Logo, corporative Identity, design commercial stationery store, posters, se±al©tica, Power presentation point, publicity for press.
  • Branding, Publishing Design


Before a new enterprise stage, Gramco get ready in particular to fuse under a same brand several complementary activities, all related to projects of engineering applied to the architecture and in innovating systems of facade coating.

In this work of branding we renewed the previous brand completely, designing a very compact logo in reference to the solidity and reliability of its systems and represented the concept of €œthe surrounding thing€ by means of a logo that represents the outer perimeter of a building in plant in the form of G.
We select green an intense one, with reference to the environment and to the sustainability of his projects, that are a specific feature of their systems. In addition it prints freshness, dynamism and a certain audacity in line with its character as company, always innovating. This point of attention we resisted it with the neutrality of the gray and a deliberately solid typography contributing to a character of sobriety and formality.

A constructed good logo and with capacity to be implanted perfectly in all the necessary supports.

In addition to the development of branding and agreeing the moment of enterprise expansion we have designed announcements of cuts corporative for professional magazines as the Sketch, Alive Architecture, V­a Construcci³n€¦

Power Point Gramco

Also we have designed the presentation of company in PowerPoint.
An essential tool for its department of marketing in commercial visits and email marketing.
Organized well, attractive and faithful to the corporative identity.

This work has had direct continuity in the design of the product webpage and pamphlets.

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