Treatment of Image

Experts in image treatment, we realised digital adjustment and photomontages oriented to publicity, natural catalogues and webpages, realists and.

Treatment of image original cleanlinessTreatment of image finished cleanliness
Photomontage texture on rustic dining room


Viewfinder BEFORE|LATER: To slide to the vertical bar to left and right to see the result.

In this screen we showed to some examples of our quality of work in photomontages and digital adjustment. One is complex scenes of which has been eliminated or incorporated objects when therefore it has required it the final result.

All corresponds to simulations of different types from decorative coatings on atmosphere proposals.  It is important to consider that of each finished, on a very concrete texture, we only counted on a small sample that in no case would include the total surface of the image, in such a way that in addition to the photomontage and the integration of the objects and people with his intonation and lights, it has been necessary to previously create surface of texture in himself, including very particular effects of brightness sometimes.

Photomontage and digital adjustment for publicity and publishing design of natural results and technically very taken care of.


A treated image suitably multiplies the positive effect of the advertising message and produces a greater confidence in the brand and the product. To include in an advertising message images lack of color or resistance, with dominant blue or yellow or pixeladas they make fail finished final of any project of design and loss of opportunity of a sale.

Not only it is necessary to have images to illustrate a message, these must be of professional quality, present, luminous, contrasted well and with the elements right and necessary to reflect with clarity the concept to transmit.

We add or we eliminated elements and people in scenes, from simplest to most complex, creating very realistic photomontages, with an integrating illumination, taking care of each detail.

We realise successfully from the silueteado simplest work of images to the most complex photomontages.

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