Bovis Lend Is read | Design of announcements, Publicity in specialized press, Invitations and Materials for events.

Branding and Corporative Imagen, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design, graphical Design

Design of announcements for professional magazines and invitations, banners and displays for different events in professional fairs and corporative acts from Bovis Lend Is read.

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Invitation Bovis 2009
  • Client: Bovis Lend Is read.
  • Project: Design of announcements, invitations and different advertising supports for professional magazines and events.
  • Elements: Design of banners, design of announcements, design of displays, design of invitations.
  • Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


As it leaves from our global service for Bovis Lend Reads itself, we designed all the necessary elements of communication for each support of communication, in this page we showed some of them: Design of announcements and periodic publicity in specialized magazines, electronic invitations to clients to the international fairs which they attend or posters and displays for external and internal events.

Always respectful with the norms of its own manual of image corporative, fundamental to maintain the aesthetic coherence from all offices at world-wide level, we are able to desarrrollar attractive, direct and innovating pieces of marketing that promote the activity and services of this multinational company of project managment.

Bovis lend Is read is referring a world-wide one in the management, construction, and emblematic work maintenance as the Olympic Petronas Towers in Malaysia, stages, airports and corporations as the headquarters in de Telef­nica or just inaugurated Center Anckle boot in Santander.

These elements of marketing, complement fan of works of graphical design carried out for the client throughout the years, as the design of the memory of company of the 30 anniversary, next to other many pamphlets, corporative publishing and material projects.

We have one long trajectory working branding and in the design of pamphlets, catalogues and webpages for companies of the sector of the construction, engineering and architecture. You can see other projects related in these accesses: webpage for commercial engineering, pamphlet for imbobiliaria promoter, cataloguescorporative identity.

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