AT Systems | Cards of product and letter leaf

Branding and Corporative Imagen, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design

Publishing design for the main line of product card that shows the developments of software of this technological company. Card model-making.

BeDesk card
Card the Crux
Letter leaf
  • Client: AT Systems.
  • Project: Design of publishing line for collection of cards of product and card model-making.
  • Elements: Product card design. Letter leaf.
  • Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


We receive the order of the product card design for the consultant in services of IT and development of software AT Systems. This work had to anticipate a line of common model-making on which to be able to introduce to future all products of software. They must form a coherent, but non-uniform set.

We design one structures clear but simultaneously sufficiently flexible to welcome the particular characteristics of each product.

This work is included within the projects developed for the commercial department. One complements with a pamphlet of presentation of company and a presentation in PowerPoint

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