BiciMap guides | Design and development Web of catalogue online and Blog

Design and development Web

Design of webpage with catalogue of guides and Blog for editorial specialized in routes in bicycle by Spain and Europe.

Web of guides in bike - BiciMap
Web of guides in bike - BiciMap
Web of guides in bike - BiciMap
  • Client: Bicimap.
  • Project: Design of webpage with catalogue online and Blog.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, catalogue online, specialized blog.
  • Design Web


Bicimap one is recognized publishing one of routes in bicycle by Spain and Europe, that makes its guides by far work of field, affection and taken care of by the details.

They ordered the renovation to us of its webpage to be able to show suitably all their catalogue of guides and in addition to incorporate a Blog in which to be narrating its experiences on the trips, the news and advice surroundings to the world of the bicycle touring.

We participate in the reorientation of the project and defined a structure and completely renewed routes, focused to a concept of €œLanding Page€ for each of his screens, since anyone of its guides must consider as a potential front door to the Web.

From each card the information of the guide is offered, an extract of the same and the unloading free of track.  It has been designed to be able to accede from each to the complete catalogue of guides and points of sale.

When being a constructed page with a manager of contents, the client can maintain it independently.
In this case already they knew the advantages to work with Joomla, CMS that allow to make pages totally to size, customized and expandable in functionalities, without limit.

In addition to designing webpages, we provided all the services associated to its home, as hosting, the maintenance, the maintenance Web of contents or the formation.

For the management of the Web we distributed sessions of basic formation so that the proprietor of the Web can update contents, images and incorporate new data of independent form.

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