Biotienda | Design and development of Store online and Blog

Design and development Web, Stores online | E-commerce

Design of store online with Prestashop and development Web for Biotienda, commerce of ecological and homeopathic products with physical stores in Seville.

Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
  • Client: Biotienda.
  • Project: Design and development of store online for ecological herbalist and products, with manager of contents, Blog and program of activities that are realised in their physical stores of Seville.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, lies down online Prestashop.
  • Design Web, Store online


Biotienda ordered the design to us of its new webpage. A development of store online, through which to much more sell its products there of its area of local influence in its two centers of Seville.

In addition, it was implemented with a specialized and categorisen Blog, a zone of promotion of the activities that realise their centers of street on foot and a box of unloadings of the magazine that they themselves publish.

We develop the store online with Prestashop, the CMS better valued. A robust, effective, personalizable platform and self-managementable.

We made a design of aesthetic attractive cleaning and, taking care of to facilitate the routes and to simplify navigation. We create banners and icons to size to help to sail and to orient to the client through the page, always aesthetically fit to the visual language of products saw, ecological and healthful.

In order to realise the management of the store online, the client has the enormous administrative power that provides Prestashop: combinations of products, coupons of supply, control of stock of the virtual store, management of orders, invoicing, shipments and carriers, historical of communications with the client€¦

Once finished each project, we distributed the suitable formation to manage it of independent form and advised about the indispensable techniques to obtain a better organic positioning in Google of the store and products.

In addition, we included all the home of the store online, oriented on the previous steps and we offer the essential support. We provide the lodging Web, we were in charge of its maintenance and we have a line of constant collaboration before any future necessity.

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