Rustical Travel | Design of logo for company of rural tourism

Branding and Corporative Imagen

Design of logo for power station of reserves of selected lodgings of rural tourism.

Design of logo of company of rural tourism
Design of logo of company of rural tourism


Rustical Travel is already a referring one for the foreign tourist who wishes to lodge in a rural house in Spain.

The company offers selected rural lodgings in person and with total guarantees of comfort, privacy and enchantment in the most interesting zones to know Spain. A company with concept of Travel Personnel of absolute confidence for a client wants to enjoy its vacation in Spain of the hand of an expert agency.

We create a symbol able to reflect wants it to represent Rustical Travel for his client, a safe and reliable ally to locate the best rural lodging to him for his vacation. A lodging with natural enchantment, tranquillity, with perfect comforts and guaranteed formality.

The result was a leafy tree, of green leaves in the form of heart, with a solid trunk that envelope is born from a smooth hill. A perfect iconography to symbolize the protection, confidence, security and love by the nature.

Everything in two tones of green in resistance carefully selected and accompanied by a typography that observes the traditional character of the lodgings.

Also we were in charge of the corporative applications in the commercial stationery store.

A good logo has assured one long use in the time. To give with the key, the essence of the value of the company and of shaping it in an image provides a quantifiable value name brand.

We work in branding of each company to implant in the visual memory images able to identify the product quickly, to transmit the values and their personality from one first impression.
Fit to each project, each sector. Taking care of each detail, especially color and typography.

As in this occasion, to define the image and the corporative identity of a new project he is a little while exciting. Luckily we have been able to count on the confidence of numerous clients in these first steps, some also within the sector of the tourism, creating the design of webpage for rural houses.

In ours portfolio you will find more examples of design of corporative image for companies of feeding, branding for engineerings, companies of technology, logos for the hotel trade or logos and corporative image for decoration companies.

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