EOI Majadahonda | Design and development Web for Official School of Languages

Design and development Web

Design of webpage for the Official School of Languages of Majadahonda, formative center of the Community of.

Design Web of the EOI of Majadahonda
Design Web of the EOI of Majadahonda
Design Web of the EOI of Majadahonda
Design Web of the EOI of Majadahonda
Design Web of the EOI of Majadahonda
  • Client: Official school of Languages of Majadahonda.
  • Project: Design webpage for sector of the education, with multiple departmental sections, plank of announcements and promotion of complementary activities.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, CMS, treatment of image, design of banners.
  • Design Web


We receive the order to design the webpage for this official training center.
In the work proposal the organization was included very clear a departmental structure that she facilitated the students to receive the information who look for easily, with a zone of announcements that is updated constantly to show academic new features and to connect to the necessary pages of content, but also warnings on nonschool days or promotion of cultural activities.

Altogether is a very attractive page that invites the students to feel contributor of an active and vital student community.

The work for an Official School of Languages is very dynamic.
Ever since it starts the school year needs a good capacity answer that allows to publish calls or notes quickly. Also it is the space where to publish and to promote the participation of the students in complementary cultural activities.

We felt very well working in close collaboration with the academic and cultural world.
Throughout our trajectory we have designed innumerable elements for the world of the education, infantile, as as much youthful and for adults.

We have realised the design, model-making and illustration of text books and reading, design of covers for professional training courseses, design of webpages for schools, design Web for university organisms and also design of pamphlets and posters for cultural programs and of leisure for private and official organizations as the Community of or the City council of Toledo, in addition to logos for multitude of events.

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