Design of Webpages

We present your company in Internet as well as possible. We present your products and services with a design unique and attractive Web, fit to the values of the company, the product and the end-user.

design Web


We work in all type of design of webpages, from a simple and direct €œLanding Page€ for precise campaigns of marketing online, to extensive projects where a company can show to all products or services in its corporative webpage, portals of communication or stores online.

All the developments that we make of pages and stores online are responsive because we use Best VPS web hosting, that is to say, they adapt to any support that the user uses.

Also we designed newsletters, announcements, banners and other advertising pieces, all this creatively and respecting the corporative identity of the company.

We advised you as far as the structuring the contents that will appear in the Web, creating a previous map of the site, recommending the navigation itineraries which they take to the user to the ultimate goal, or is to contact with the company or to buy a product. We facilitate the permanence in the page and we worried to maintain the quality in each section to make of the visit to all the webpage a useful and nice experience.

Our pages are structured to favor navigation and the communication with the users and consequently to increase to the sales and the contacts, at the same time as to consolidate and to extend the diffusion of the brand.


For the development Web we used systems CMS of opened code as they are Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop€¦ All these systems CMS are autogestionables, in addition to the best ones and more spread to world-wide level.
To work thus supposes a great benefit for our clients. They are absolute proprietors of the Webs that order to us and will be able, if they wish it, to modify them to future with other developers. This even gives to total independence them with respect to us.

By that same freedom, reciprocally, they are systems in which also we can take part on webpages already designed by other developers.
If you already have a webpage developed with some of these CMS, we can work to improve it.

We can study the referring conflicting points to your webpage, why you do not receive visits or why there is no permanence in the visit and your users do not get to buy or to contact with you.

Due to having a webpage online, we cannot hope that the work already is done. There is multitude of factors that must be anticipated from the home, as the suitability of the design Web, the selected images or if the user can cross the page of intuitive form easily. The quality of the information that appears is fundamental to secure a good result.

When we finish the development of your Web we will give the formation unlimited web hosting with cpanel for free you so that you can administer it of fast and simple form.

All our Webs are prepared to be indexed successfully in the finders as Google, Bing, Yahoo€¦ Also we will teach the 10 tricks to you fundamental to be able to be positioned in the first positions in Google and the other finders of Internet.

And, by all means, we can take the regular maintenance that you need, updates, add to new sections or screens of information, functionalities, to include new products, articles, to renew sections€¦

We are wishing to collaborate in your project