Osaka | Design of logos for painting company

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Proposals of design for the new logo of the brand of decorative finished paintings and of high Osaka quality

Design of logo for Oska
Design of logo for Osaka
Design of logo for Osaka
Design of logo for Osaka
Design of logo for Osaka
  • Client: Osaka.
  • Project: Proposals of design of the new logo of the brand.
  • Elements: Design of logo.
  • Branding


We receive the order to realise the new logo of the decorative finished painting company and of high Osaka quality.

Fruit of the study of the project, we created these two lines of work. Both renew radically, as part of their request, the logo previous and bet by an image of company to the vanguard.

There is a clear intention in the personalisation of a unique typography and with character, in two slopes as far as his application.

First, exclusively based on the typesetter expression with the name of the been brief brand, on a wink of modernity, plenty of force and that contains a color mosaic, completely aligned with the nature of the company. Of very good legibility in any size and perfect pregnancia and facility of implementation on all the supports.

We make one second option that presents the name of the complete brand and it is accompanied with a synthesized image of a fox as symbol by unique personality, intense color and cleverness, in reference to the really singular, full results of color and spectacularity that are obtained with the product that offers the brand.

An impressive, recognizable, empathic animal, with force, alive colors and a great tail with which we could later play as topic of a sweeping of color and change.

Osaka is a company dedicated to the high decoration leader in the sector, they offer only products of high quality and are directed so much to the great consumption for interioristas individuals as professional a and decorators.

To collaborate with them is always very interesting, as much by the nature of the product who we have in hand as by the variety of projects in which we have had the luck to work. We have participated in design Web, design of logos, design of labelling for packages, design and model-making of pamphlets, catalogues or tariffs and digital adjustment to show finished his on decorative atmospheres.


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