Design of corporative webpage with product catalogue for decorative finished painting company and of high quality.

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  • Client: Osaka.
  • Project: Design corporative webpage with catalogue of all the products: finished of high decoration, paintings, tools, accessories, etc.
  • Elements: Design Web, treatment of image, design of banners.
  • Design Web


Osaka ordered to the design of its webpage its product catalogue yet to us on line. A very extensive website that organize all references organized by consumer profile, types of finished, product type, videos, accessories, points of sale, etc.

Each product is formed as a card, with examples of finished on different atmospheres that we have realised by means of digital adjustment. In addition it is complemented with other reconnaissance groups as ranges of color, unballastable extra technical documentation or didactic videos.

Throughout all the page it maintains a very attractive aspect that it invites the visitor to remain in the Web and to cross all options.

Also we have realised for Osaka the renovation of the design of some collections of labels for packages, affecting the association of the brand with unique products and only of high quality for the decoration.


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