Design of webpage with product catalogue for decorative finished painting company and.

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  • Client: Iberpaint.
  • Project: Design of webpage to show to all the collections of decorative products and paintings of the signature.
  • Elements: Design Web, treatment of image, design of banners.
  • Design Web

Iberpaint ordered to us to design its webpage as a catalogue on line with all products. The page samples the paintings with its letters of colors and all the finished decorative and tools.
It is directed to an end-user interested in the decoration and the interior design and facilitates the navigation route at any moment. The Web knows a clearly aesthetic component, is a place in which to enjoy proving combinations its letter of colors applied to each stay of a house, in addition, informs to all the technical characteristics and as much offers of attractive form products as the accessories, explanatory videos and cards of the same.

The design of the webpage is coherent with branding global of the company, for that we realised the design of its corporative image to the complete one, with the logo design, the applications to the commercial stationery store, design of catalogue covers and pamphlets and design of labels for packages.

Also we have worked in the accomplishment of collections of photomontages (or digital adjustment). These are essential in their printed, posters and points of sale, in addition to in the webpage, to show the consumer how their paintings will be seen and finished catalogues on different stays.

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