Iberpaint | Branding, Design of logo, corporative Identity

Branding and Corporative Imagen, graphical Design

Design of logo, development of the corporative identity and applications for the commercial stationery store.

Branding Iberpaint - Design of logo and manual of identity
Manual of corporative identity Iberpaint
Manual of corporative identity Iberpaint - versions
Manual of corporative identity Iberpaint - colors
Manual of corporative identity Iberpaint - typographies
Manual of corporative identity Iberpaint - commercial sorting office
  • Client: Iberpaint.
  • Project: Design of the logo and the corporative identity for a new brand of decorative paintings.
  • Elements: Design of logo, development of the manual of corporative image, design of commercial stationery store.
  • Branding, Publishing Design


Before the launching of the new brand of paintings and decorative coatings, Iberpaint ordered the design to us of its new image, that included the design of the logo, the development of the image manual and the applications in the commercial stationery store and the administration generally. In addition, we realised the implantation of the brand on other supports expensive to the consumer, as the design of the labels and the design of its webpage.

We bet to represent the brand through an hummingbird, associating it to a very pregnante symbol and with very positive implicit sensations. An explosion of color, joy, movement and expressivity, supported by a typography of very easy reading, elegant without being classic, modern without being cold. The set well is balanced, has a very noticeable aesthetic character that causes that it is attractive by itself in great formats and simultaneously offers excellent legibility even in reduced sizes.



Design of Iberpaint sorting office

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