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Design of webpage for school, bilingual and with Blog.

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  • Client: School Watches.
  • Project: Design and development of webpage for school with Joomla, different sections by departments, galleries of images and Blog.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, CMS, Joomla, design of banners, digital adjustment.
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Some months before its inauguration, the Bilingual School Watchtower ordered to the design and development to us Web for its presence on line. The project had to reflect the spirit of the educative system of this center, modern, plural, innovating and with the maximum dotacional investment in its facilities to favor the potential of the students.

We collaborate in the map of the site to organize a clear navigation throughout all the webpage. We to size create very attractive heads in each section using technical of digital adjustment that allowed us to illustrate each concept.
Altogether, a bilingual webpage that in addition incorporates diverse forms of contact and a zone Blog where it inquires into the academic present time of the school.

We develop the webpage for this educative center with Joomla to express request of the client, because they already knew his enormous motor power as contents and its ease of use.

Its personnel would be the one in charge of the maintenance Web regularly. This page is totally self-managementable.

In addition, they wished to have a tool that, at a certain time, could incorporate new functionalities easily.

Joomla is the system of more flexible management of contents world-wide extended to realise websites aesthetically to size and with all the characteristics that demand the greater number of companies and organizations.
Joomla owns a private administrative area that it facilitates that the owner of the Web can by itself realise the regular maintenance of the contents.

In order to facilitate it, we offer necessary the customized and specific formation, although also we can order us of everything once finished the page, as much of the maintenance Web as of the maintenance and the lodging, common concepts to any project Web.

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