Iberpaint | Digital adjustment for decoration products

Treatment of image

Digital adjustment for application of finished decorative and paintings on atmospheres.

Photomontage original vasePhotomontage finished vase
Photomontage texture on rustic dining room
Photomontage lobby - originalPhotomontage lobby - finished
photomontage hall
Photomontage classic hall - originalPhotomontage classic hall - finished
photomontage modern hall - originalphotomontage modern hall - finished
Photomontage ended texture in dormitory
Photomontage dormitory
Photomontage chair - originalPhotomontage chair - finished
Treatment of image
Photomontage painting with texture on infantile room
  • Client: Iberpaint.
  • Project: Accomplishment of works of digital adjustment and photomontages to include the decorative finished ones of the company on atmospheres of outside and interior, realistic form, harnessing its product.
  • Elements: Photomontage, adjustment of images.
  • Treatment of image

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On each original image, the client wished to show how it would be the turn out to apply each one of the decorative coatings that comprise of their commercial catalogue, always of possible the most realistic and natural form.

In this series which can be appreciated how they have retired or incorporated elements in the scenes and later the integration of each finished decorative has been simulated, of we only can have a small sample. We have created with fidelity the effects of lights and shades. Also we have created the sensation of brightness in those finished that have that particularitity.


Photomontages and expert digital adjustment for catalogues, publicity, webpages and stores online.

The decorative brand of finished Iberpaint, with points of sale in main the great surfaces, ordered the accomplishment to us of several collections of images in which by means of realistic photomontages they could offer to his clients a truthful idea of the turn out to apply his decorative atmosphere products different, in an ample range of colors and textures.

Within the collection and for each finished, there are numerous complete scenes and some first planes in which to appreciate better the differences between textures.

By means of techniques of digital adjustment, we integrated atmosphere and finished in each tonality and atmosphere. Thus we were able to give to the consumer best information, examples of practical decoration, ideas of application and consequently, to harness the sales of the product.

The result is a catalogue of images that, as a whole, suppose a basic tool of the material of marketing of the company and that uses in all the supports of communication: publicity, labelling of packages, posters, design of catalogues, the webpage, stands or points of sale and displays in fairs.

Our personal brand is in the sum of the technical experience in the accomplishment of photomontages for catalogues and publicity as the aesthetic vision to realise them.


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