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Branding and Corporative Imagen, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design, graphical Design

Design of logo and corporative applications for consulting company of hotel quality.

Design of Ahdelante logo
Design of Ahdelante logo color
Design of triptych
Company card design
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  • Client: Ahdelante.
  • Project: Definition of branding, design of the image of company, design of logo and corporative applications, commercial pamphlet design and design Web.
  • Elements: Design of logo, design of corporative applications, commercial stationery store, commercial pamphlet design, design and development Web.
  • Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


The Ahdelante consultant is a company specialized in quality hotel from that they study and they propose the strategy and the measures to adopt to obtain the seal of quality (q) to hotel establishments and chains, advising to them in all the factors that determine the obtaining of this international recognition.
At the time of the launching of the company created by professionals very experienced in the sector, they proposed to us to create a brand that transmitted values as effectiveness, confidence and quality.

Our strategy suggests to represent its company as seal of quality in itself, as a quality that goes that is to say to transmit and to implant from its strategy, its formula. Thus, the logo design is a golden seal, symbol of maximum excellence, with the initials including, the A (consultant's office) and the H (hotelkeeper) that play with the formula idea. In parallel we have designed the commercial pamphlet and of services, the commercial stationery store and the corporative webpage.

We have carried out numerous works for the tourist and hotel sector. Between our clients are the hotel chains Western Hotels or the Tryp chain, for which we have designed printed supports of communication, as pamphlets, posters, letters for the precise restaurants, elements for events, commercialization of spaces, etc.

And also we have realised projects for the sector of rural tourism, as the logo for the company Rustical Travel or the design of webpage for lodgings of rural tourism of quality Boutique in Vejer of the forntera.

Our style of design is elegant and clean, is based on a good interpretation of the profile of client and the typology within the sector, having rendered always special catenci³n to the typography and the color.

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