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Branding and Corporative Imagen, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design, graphical Design

Global Branding for feeding company. Design of logo, corporative applications, consultant's office for the implantation of the image in stores, flyers of promotion, pamphlets and labelling for packages.

Label Comesano facade
Poster Comesano 1
Comesano card
Manual of corporative identity Comesano 1
Manual of corporative identity Comesano 2
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Pamphlet Comesano triptych
  • Client: Comesano.
  • Project: Global Branding. Creation of the brand, the manual of corporative norms of use, of supports of promotion as posters, flyers and pamphlets, application in stores to the public, design of labels and management of the impression of all the supports.
  • Elements: Design of logo, creation of manual of corporative image, pamphlet design, design of flyers, design of posters, design of facade labels, design of labels for packages.
  • Design of logos €“ Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


From the first moment we participated in birth of the brand Comesano, a signature guaranteed by managing experts and cooks of the hotel trade for great groups with an enterprise project: to offer a healthy feeding, without preservatives nor additives, elaborated with ingredients of first quality, flavorful, balanced, commercialized in small boats of individual rations, precooked and cooled€¦ and we stated it, she is very rich!

Comesano experience had to be fresh, simple, cheers and delicious. To transmit the sensation to us to be truly feeding to us on natural form, as it is.

We use an amiable typography and a warm chromatic range, with green fresh and ocher vibrant. As complementary graphical element we incorporated a multicoloured band that remembers us to the glad table cloth of the newspaper meals.

All the communications equipments that arrive at the client are surrounded of the same idea: flyers, pamphlets, posters€¦ and manage to identify product and benefit, with a good capacity of memory in their memory.

In addition to the visual identity, we were in charge to design the points of sale, with the prescription of the chromatic distribution, panels, vinyls of facade and labels, extending to the purchase experience the same philosophy and completed the project with the design of the labels of the packages,


Pamphlet Comesano triptych ext
Pamphlet inner Comesano triptych

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