Contract devises | Catalogue design

Design of catalogues, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design

Product catalogue design and model-making for company specialized in the manufacture and import of furniture for the hotel trade, colectivity and spaces public.

Contract devises is a company specialized in the manufacture and import of furniture for the hotel trade, colectivity and spaces public and within him, their main product is the chairs.

The company ordered the design to us of the furniture catalogue. A printed support extensive that had to be able to combine information and attractive line of vision. A tool of easy consultation appointed decorators, architects and other prescribers of furniture for companies and institutions.

The line of work of Devises Contract bets clearly by the innovating design, combining total quality assurance for all products.

Taking care of objective ours target and as much aesthetic characteristics as of quality of products, we bet by a catalogue design with a very clean model-making, with few products by page that allows to give to a sufficient space and individuality us to each, in addition we break the main graticule showing certain products greater size, even showing only one part of them, to create and to control different rates for the reading. Our objective is to be able to make of its route a nice and attractive experience.

A product catalogue with a model-making very measured, that respects the air around each element, with character, that does without any superfluous element and gives protagonism to products.

The design of the cover of the catalogue had to follow this same line of simplification to the maximum. The silhouette of a chair printed by means of a reserve UVI only carries out it. Next to her and with the same austerity, the brand and the necessary year of edition for its reference.

In the technical characteristics, we used a paper porous mate and for the cover of the catalogue, in the absolute with brightness and polished resistance that contributes varnish UVI. The black color of the cover adds to sobriety and elegance, qualities that are transferred to all the publication.

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