Osaka | Design of labels and logo for painting collection

Branding and Corporative Imagen, graphical Design

Design of labels and logo for collection of finished decorative and paintings of the high range.

Design of packaging for Osaka paintings
Design of packaging for Osaka paintings
Design of logo Colors and Effects by Osaka
Design of logo Colors and Effects by Osaka
  • Client: Osaka.
  • Project: Design of logo to identify a collection of finished decorative and design of the line of labels.
  • Elements: Design of logo, main line of labelling, design of labels.
  • Branding


In this occasion one was to create the line of labelling and the logo for the collection stars of finished decorative of Osaka, on sale in great surfaces and specialized commerces. The product offers a variety of textures bases inspired by the nature and colourable with an ample range of tones.

This product is directed to a sector of consumption interested in the high decoration with products of maximum quality.
Both elements, the logo and the design of labels, have a noticeable aesthetic objective.

The logo, in addition to integrated in packaging will also appear in other supports, as carteler­a and displays o'clock of sale and will identify all the collection.

Between our objectives it is emphasizing to the brand of the competition through the packages, with a line very differentiated. In addition to reflecting the quality superior of this product.

We raise an idea of aesthetic, exotic and luxurious trip that the client lives when she decorates with this so special product and that she contributes as much personality to a stay. We design a labelling very care, elegant, based on images, colors and tipofraf­as very selected.

The result is an elegant attractive and suggestive labelling. It is oriented to consolidate the perception of a product of the high range.

It enchants to us to work for Osaka. She is a client with that we collaborated for more than 10 years in the design of labelling for packages, logos, branding, model-making of pamphlets and catalogues or in the accomplishment of photomontages to integrate decorative finished his in different atmospheres.

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