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Design Web for singular rural houses, with information of each lodging, galleries of images and Blog of tourism.

Web Chick Sleep In Vejer
Web Chick Sleep In Vejer
Card Web the Old Boardinghouse
Web Chick Sleep In Vejer
  • Client: Chic Sleep in Vejer.
  • Project: Design Web for rural houses and Blog.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, CMS.
  • Design Web


Chic Sleep in Vejer is an initiative of rural tourism with several residential options. The lodgings are located in Vejer of the Border, Cadiz, one of the recognized populations more of Andalusia by their beauty.

Under the Chic denomination Sleep in Vejer, we found several rural houses of rent and a hotel establishment called €œthe Old Boardinghouse€ with 7 rooms. All the lodgings are in old houses totally recovered and incredibly are decorated, present, singular and faithful to the flavor of the houses of Vejer.

In all of them they emphasize some singular decorative details, as the hydraulic floor tiles, that we included in the design of the webpage as graphical element.

The order was to create a design Web for rural houses that the information of each type of establishment offered in a single page, adapting to each typology. It puts in value the singularity of the tourist lodgings and power his personality and comfort. Also it picks up directly requests of reserve.

A Web that wishes to enamor to the visitor so that it knows the place and the lodgings by means of great images and galleries for each house. It includes all the necessary information of each house of clear form and counts on a Blog that extends the tourist information of the zone.

In order to define the range of color of the design we gave priority to the characteristic target of the houses of Vejer and to the own colors yellow and blue of the logo. And we emphasized over all the own houses and stays whose images speak by themselves.
The result is an attractive Web, cheers, positive, well-taken care of, very white and with details of intense color, some characteristic perfectly applicable to the population of Vejer in himself.

We develop structured, well-taken care of and effective webpages good. We analyze the personality of each business and its goals to direct us to his objective public.
We work with the main managers of contents, as Joomla or WordPress. We offer lodging and formation Web adapted for self-management. Also we can order to us of all the maintenance of the webpage.

We have an ample experience in projects of graphical communication for the sector of the tourism. We have worked for great hotel chains as Western Hotels, independent Tryp Hotels€¦ also for tourist initiatives of smaller volume, proprietors and other businesses and associations related to the tourism. We have designed innumerable specific elements of the business of the hotel trade: logos, corporative stationery store, pamphlets, letters for restaurants and different typologies from bars, posters, special programs of fidelity, animation, se±al©tica, events, publicity€¦

If you need a webpage for your rural house or tourist lodging, contact to us. We will harness the personality and advantages of your business and will cause that it honors against your competition with a design attractive and effective Web, oriented to connect with your clients and to increase the reserves.

We are wishing to collaborate in your project