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Graphical design, Design and development Web

Design of corporative webpage with blog for company of international scope, specialized in ecoeficientes facilities for hotels.

Design of Web Effihotel
Design of Web Effihotel
Design of Web Effihotel
Design of Web Effihotel
  • Client: Effihotel, IC Group.
  • Project: Design corporative webpage.
  • Elements: Design Web, development Web, CMS.
  • Design Web


Effihotel is a company pertaining to the IC Group Associated, referring national in construction, ecoeficientes facilities, maintenance and manufacture of furniture to size for the main companies of retail of Spain, in addition to Hotels, sanitary centers and offices.

Our collaboration with IC Group goes back to more than 7 years developing the webpages for all the enterprise group.
As in most of our projects, in addition to the design and development Web, we advised to the client on the best form to show its information based on its objectives and created all the necessary graphical elements, as iconography to size to represent the main concepts.
In this occasion, also we collaborated in the ample selection of necessary images.

All the website breathes cleaning in accordance with its own enterprise values and of the message of ecosostenibilidad that promotes the service that offers this webpage.

The design Web includes reclamations in each screen to stimulate and ensure communications with the visitor. In addition to the corporative part, it owns a Blog of the news.

The page is self-managementable. We work with the CMS of greater implantation at world-wide level, in this Joomla occasion.
The design of a Joomla webpage allows to totally create personalizables sites and without limit of functionalities thanks to the thousands of extensions available.

In addition to designing and developing a website, we facilitated the work of the client distributing the specific formation to create or to modify the contents or if it prefers it regularly or precise to realise all the maintenance Web.

Each company of this group is centered in an activity of the chain of necessary services for the home of an establishment. For each activity its specific webpage has been designed and they have been implemented characteristic own. Thus, we have oriented the type of development according to the activity towards the design of webpages with catalogue of clients, realised works or exclusively a design of Landing Page or €œlanding page€, to show in a single screen a brief information on a single product or concept.

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