Osaka | Finished photomontages simulation of on atmospheres

Treatment of image

Photomontage and treatment of image for catalogue of finished decorative.

Photomontage finished original OsakaPhotomontage finished finished Osaka
Photomontage finished Osaka
Photographic adjustment original classic dormitoryPhotographic adjustment original classic dormitory
Treatment of image original cleanlinessTreatment of image finished cleanliness
  • Client: Osaka.
  • Project: Photomontage. Digital adjustment on catalogue of images that show of realistic form the turn out to apply decorative coatings on atmospheres.
  • Elements: Digital real atmosphere photomontages, adjustment.
  • Treatment of image


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The client contributed the original images. On each he wished to show how it would be the turn out to apply each one of the decorative coatings that comprise of their commercial catalogue, always of possible the most realistic and natural form.

In this series which can be appreciated how they have retired or incorporated elements in the scenes and later the integration of each finished decorative has been simulated, of we only can have a small sample. We have created with fidelity the effects of lights and shades. Also we have created the sensation of brightness in those finished that have that particularitity.


Photomontages and digital adjustment advanced for catalogues, publicity, webpages and stores online.

The photographic adjustment or the professional photomontage is an essential technique in multitude of projects of graphical design, or to correct more or less deep in the images that will appear in pamphlets, posters or webpages.

We realise this service of meticulous form and applying an aesthetic criterion supported so much in the knowledge of the behavior of the light and the color, as in our experience.

Our service covers all the ranks. From the most basic adjustments, as silueteados of products or to unify the tone of a gallery of images that will appear in a catalogue or a Web, to complex photomontages that can suppose in themselves the central image of a communication element, as a cover based on a digital adjustment or the special effect on the main image of a webpage or an announcement.

In this case the objective has been to generate an extensive catalogue of examples of application of the decorative finished ones of the company on atmospheres. Through them company can show how it is going to be each finished type of in a variety of colors and styles of very ample decoration, totally nonviable otherwise.

In addition to the technical skill of the digital adjustment with Photoshop, we contributed plastic vision to create of coherent form the light, the tone and the atmosphere of each space.

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