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Branding and Corporative Imagen, catalogue Design, pamphlet Design, Publishing Design

Publishing design for pamphlet of real estate promotion. Logo and naming of the promotion. Design, model-making and edition of triptych able to contain other documents and planes.

Pamphlet cover Ibiza Lofts
  • Client: Aedifica.
  • Project: Design of logo, naming, slogan, design of pamphlet, model-making and production.
  • Elements: Logo, publishing design, design of folder.
  • Branding, Publishing Design, pamphlet Design


The promoter ordered to us to realise in time record a pamphlet of promotion of exclusive houses in Ibiza, destined to a profile of population of buying, mainly urban high level, of professionals and businessmen, with a possible interest in realising real estate investments and not thinking exclusively about a standard holiday solution.

In order to arrive at our objective public we designed a clean and elegant pamphlet, that presents the houses of type loft as an exclusive and singular space. In addition, the design of the triptych has the capacity to contain additional information, as the memory of qualities and the planes, by its type of surrounding fold and the eyelash central inferior.

It is based on smooth masses of neutral colors, resisted with carefully selected images.

It in line combines aspiracionales photos with illustrations informal of views by hand raised and a design of rational logo to which it accompanies in cover a graphism very falsified, everything with briefing.

In addition, a well-taken care of one with the production of the pamphlet was lent special, that combines zones mate and with others of high brightness that they equip to him with a more sophisticated aspect.

The interest that provoked was a success and facilitated the closing of the sales of immediate form.

We have an ample experience in supports of communication for companies of the real estate as in the design of memory of company or the commercial pamphlet of company of engineering for the construction among others.

We create branding of the real estate promotion, home with naming and the logo and realised the design, model-making and edition of catalogues, folders, promotional pamphlets and advertising posters for the information bureaus, in addition to webpages of real estate promotions.


outer Ibiza pamphlet lofts
Logo Ibiza Lofts

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