Salher | Design of Logo and Manual of Corporative Image

Branding and Corporative Imagen, graphical Design

Design of logo, with personalisation of typography to size and design of applications of the brand on commercial stationery store and other supports of communication.
Salher is a company of engineering with international presence, specialized in the design and manufacture of plants and systems of urban and industrial water treatment.

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Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
Store online and Biotienda Blog
  • Client: Salher.
  • Project: Integral renovation of the image name brand of Salher to align it with its positioning of present leadership within the sector.
  • Elements: Design of logo, Manual of corporative image.
  • Design of logos €“ Branding.

For the design of the logo we created a symbol and typography to size able to project the innovating vocation of the company and its differentiator within the sector, with development of own technology.

The symbol

This one alludes to the main element of work of Salher, the water, by means of a representation minimalist of the flow of the water and harnessed by a composition in diagonal.

Consequently, the symbol equips to the brand with dynamism and modernity.

In addition, he is powerful and visually able to signalize the company of graphical form by itself, even of isolated form.

On the other hand, primate has itself the implantation simplicity and legibility on any support, because the catalogue of elements that must be identified extensive and is enormously varied.

This one sandal habitual the corporative material of stationery store and communication, but also all the industrial and logistic equipment.

The typesetter expression

As far as the name of the brand, in the design of the logo we personalized the typography to size, coming off it any superfluous element, to reveal the solidity of the basic principles.

We take part to create the difference, that extra of personality that we looked for when designing our brands and that also characterize to us.

Therefore, the result is a very solid typography, of excellent reading on any support and any size, with one studied proportion and balance it enters form and emptiness.

The typesetter form goes completely in accordance with the symbol, to which it accompanies and it reinforces in his character.

New supports of communication

Next, we have developed the Manual of Corporative Image, that regulates and facilitates the process of implantation of the new brand.

This tool contains the norm of use of the brand and all elements, including corporative typographies and colors, as well as the versions to use according to the support or communication channel in which it is applied.

In the following phase, we have designed his new webpage, in a WordPress development totally to size.

The design Web maintains an aesthetic criterion in agreement with the new image and incorporates new complementary elements, as iconography to size to represent the areas of action of the company.







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