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Branding and Corporative Imagen, graphical Design

Design of logo for restoration company. Application in different spaces and supports.

Nowadays, to open a new business or simply of opening the commercial premises and of competing with possibilities of success with all the supply available for the consumer, it happens to understand that the professionalisation of the sector will separate without a doubt any project without a good image, a project of branding, on the scale that needs and proportionate to the possible expectations and investment. It is totally essential, not to do it, without a doubt, it will make fail any attempt.

In this occasion, one is an initiative of the hotel trade, specialized in Iberian products under a very Spanish formula of success, the cover.

With a model very well-defined, we get ready to give form to a wonderful proposal.

The name of the activity says it everything, is simple, the unequivocally descriptive and direct, first point to favor.

We harness the message without no superfluous element, we fitted ourselves to shape in question. A plate, a piggy done specifically for this element, and the name surrounding it, that simple, that direct.

In line with the same austerity, we chose a powerful but simple and a mini chromatic range, black and white typography.

This election looks for to give a contemporary air and to remove it him from a traditional context. The product is a classic one, but the business is a new and present space that is going to receive public of all the ages and is going to compete with the great references in the hotel trade, including tax exemptions.

This same range and idea have been applied in the interior design design, in which also we have collaborated in his main line.

We define branding of its business or commerce to position it correctly within its sector and to emphasize it of its direct competition, creating new referring lines of vision easy to remember, perfectly studied. From the design of the logo to the implementation of the brand in all the necessary supports, the point of sale, the labels, the textiles that will take the workers, etc.

We totally design a professional image to his enterprise initiative to present it to his objective public, facilitating the way to him for the recognition of his brand and by extension for his success.

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