Corporative pamphlet design. Presentation of company for consultant of technology and development of software.

Corporative pamphlet AT Systems
Corporative pamphlet AT Systems
Corporative pamphlet AT Systems
Corporative pamphlet AT Systems
Corporative pamphlet AT Systems


The consultant in services of IT and development of software, AT Systems, raised the necessity to us of a corporative and attractive material that improved the work of its commercial department.

After analyzing the situation, we defined a set of two complementary supports.

First of all, we created a corporative pamphlet design in format pdf, powerful and with information more general, focused to distribute and to consolidate the image name brand and very simple to read and a more extensive Power Point presentation secondly, than it already collected all the useful data that need to receive their new clients.

Both supports are thought to be sent by email electronic and can be updated easily and the profile of the client or the forum where it is going away to present, to the being even can be personalized following presentations nonprinted.

In order to harness the corporative character of this publishing work to center us to us in its image name brand, by means of great masses of color of each one of the three symbols (circle, squared of cleared corners and squaring perfect) that compose their logo.

We integrate each one of the symbols in its original color, associating them with great masses of its same color, affecting the game of symbols and corporative colors.

In addition we made the selection and integration of images to context, allusive to each activity

In summary, a first design very defined, powerful, with personality, innovator and simultaneously completely faithful to the corporative identity of the company.

We design innovating and attractive supports of communication. We adjusted to the precise needs of each circumstance assimilating you rule and the corporative identity of each company.

Our experience includes design and model-making of catalogues, pamphlets, presentations of company and all the materials of marketing for national and international corporations, public institutions and SMEs.


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